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Into the Woods:
FFT Hunting Essentials Checklist:

Before you head into the woods this weekend, make sure you go through my FFT checklist of essential items to bring for a good hunt.

Here are all our must-have’s.

A good rucksack: You’ll have all your personal items and hunting supplies out on the trail with you, so it’s mighty important to get a good bag to go along. Get something waterproof or at least water resistant. Nylon that’s rip resistant is always good, and I like good old fashioned canvas, as long as it’s reinforced. You want metal buckles and rivets, and comfortable straps. If you can find something with straps for your rifle, so much the better.

Rugged/waterproof boots: Nothing ruins a hunt like wet feet or ruined shoes. Don’t fuck around with amateur footwear. Get yourself some serious boots before you head out to the woods. You want something that’s got some serious lugs and traction, and I like steel shanks under the arch (steel toes are even better). Muck Boots are still probably the best brand but there’s some pretty good competition nowadays. They have waterproof boots that still breathe so they don’t get too sweaty. Not sure how it works, but it does.

Camo: Even though you have to wear some orange safety flashes, camo’s pretty much a must-have in the woods. Even browns and dark greens are conspicuous if it’s just one block of color. Get some good combat-style canvas camo. You can always add long johns or other thermals underneath. Just have camo stuff you can get all mucky and shitty without caring. There’s a reason the military uses fatigues. Camo that gets lived in and dirty works even better, and with a bit of deer scat rubbed in, you’re right at home in the woods. I never really wash mine, just find somewhere away from the house to store your shitty stuff.

Safety vest: Pretty self-explanatory, but I know a stupidly large amount of people who don’t wear them. Just do it. A flash of color doesn’t ruin your camo, especially in the fall. Get over yourself and get a safety vest. Every time you read an accident story in the paper, you’ll be glad you did.

Snacks: Snacks are probably the most important thing to bring to the woods. You can be perfectly outfitted but if you’re hungry you’ll be walking back the way you came pretty quick. The best stuff is jerky, since chewing it gives you something to do, and it’s pure protein. Good brain food and lasts a long time. Steer clear of crunchy snacks and carb stuff that just passes through. If you need sugar get an energy bar and do yourself a favor-take it out of the wrapper and put it in a quiet paper towel before you leave.

Rangefinder: Doesn’t matter how good your aim is if you can’t judge your distance right. A lot of hunting tech stuff are kind of pointless. These are more helpful than you might think, unless you have an unnaturally good eye. Read about more tools for the hunter at , and get more rangefinder info at